Periodicals Agency of Shanghai University (PASHU) is a major academic institution of its kind in Shanghai. It is committed to the management of twelve academic journals of Shanghai University, a key university of the national project 211. They are: Advances in Manufacturing, Applied Mathematics and Mechanics (English Edition), Chinese Journal of Sociology, Chinese Sociological Review, Journal of the Operations Research Society of China, Secretary, Journal of Shanghai University (Social Sciences Edition), Journal of Shanghai University (Natural Science Edition), Chinese Journal of Sociology (in Chinese), Operations Research Transactions, Communication on Applied Mathematics and Computation, Journal of Applied Sciences and Chinese Journal of Nature, covering the fields of natural sciences, social sciences and humanities. PASHU owns an energetic professional team. Most of them are young and middle-aged. Among the staff members, there are 16 professors, occupying 42.1% of the team, and 12 PhDs, covering 31.6%, and 24 postgraduates, accounting for 63.2%. With the care and support from the leadership of Shanghai Press & Publication Bureau, Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, and Shanghai University, PASHU adheres to the policies and guidelines announced by CCP and state, complies with the laws and regulations of national journal publishing, and advocates creative spirits and critical thinking which are essential for a qualified academic journal. It also makes efforts in the study of editing to ensure the spreading of its innovative ideas. All the journals sponsored by PASHU are seeking new ideas and pioneering research achievements. We understand the need of keeping up with times that is characterized by communication and globalization. PASHU has served as a window to exhibit a diversity of mental products, built twelve forums to invite different views and knitted twelve cradles to cultivate young scholars. Each journal of this agency is destined to contribute to the reform and development of Shanghai University, where researchers and thinkers desire for entering academic dialogues with outside scholars. As an educational publishing agency it is committed to bridge the link.

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